Recycling Benefits

Did you know that something as simple as a recycling program can help to build a stronger community? We all know that recycling helps to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, gives the planet cleaner air and water supply, and even create jobs. But recycling also helps strengthen the community in a direct way as […]

The Exodus of Millennials

What drives graduates to leave their rural upbringings and plant their roots in cities and townships? What lifestyle and opportunity are they looking for? What lifestyles and opportunities are they missing out on? Why does getting to a big city still smell of success? Some of the basic advantages that city dwellers have over their […]

Into 2015

MM partners has been building real estate for the past 10 years, and giving the best of their influence to Brewerytown. Forerunners of innovation, vision, and architectural style, you may be wondering what sorts of new things will be coming out of the Brewerytown focused real estate firm. There surely isn’t any sign of […]

The New Hat Shoppe In Brewerytown

Earlier this week another ribbon cutting ceremony took place right on historic Girard avenue. Media, politicians, businessmen and residents met on the corner of 29th street to officially announce the re-opening of Brewery town’s Hat Shoppe. Store fronts up and down Girard avenue are coming back to life with new and creative business ideas. The […]

Neighborhood Flavor

What gives a neighborhood it’s flavor? What characteristics give a neighborhood it’s feel? How would you describe it? There are plenty of factors that when added together give a place its distinct look and feel. Let’s say you’ve moved to a quiet place in the suburbs, you’ll pick up on the “feel” of the place […]


Our country has been called the melting pot, but just where do we all go to stew? Rightly because of the dichotomy of our many walks of life and the different streets we live on boarded by the same neighborhood, our common areas tend to be the place we are best to hear an honest […]

Miracle on 30th Street

It’s not an unfamiliar occurrence to walk into a fine Brewerytown establishment and overhear or be apart of a topic of conversation about the conversion of the Brewerytown neighborhood. I liken it to the metamorphosis of a butterfly or the occasional miraculous journey of a hero who’s been once beaten but is now primed for […]

Jobs performed through Development

Housing development does much more for the community than provide aesthetically pleasing buildings inside and out. Developing real estate, like the properties in Brewerytown, also provide jobs for skilled professionals in the process. There are other positive things attributed to residential development that often go under the radar. When a house is being rehabilitated or […]