Philly in the Fall


The changing seasons tend to remind us sometimes that the very nature of life involves a constant expansion and retraction. Everything seems to operate in this way, even business cycles. Take the time to observe the changes that come with autumn and embrace all the hard work and effort Brewerytown has yielded from the activities of spring and the labor of summer.

There’s a lot here now then what was 9, 12 or 15 months ago. Our neighborhood has gotten more beautiful and vibrant over time. And it’s not just because of the amber tones in the foliage. Brewerytown is growing in such a way that nearly ensures it to be the envy of other, surrounding neighborhoods.  We should probably take our good fortune with a grain of salt because the aim of the game is not to make others envious. The target is to constantly grow little by little, day by day, until one day you look back and you are much greater than when you started.  This, for our own sake and for the benefit of others.  Our new buildings are designed for the future. They are immaculate and gorgeous to walk through. Check out an open house when the opportunity arises and you may be surprised to see how great a space is being offered. The new houses and apartments in Breweerytown are ahead of their time – in a fantastic way.

Our community in Brewerytown continues to unite unlike it ever has before. We raise our quality of life when our community becomes more involved and shows an interest in the spaces we commonly share. Mending and growing our community takes acknowledgment of each other, effort, and the willingness to see ourselves as members of something greater than the limiting perspective of our individual egos would allow. Queue Lionel Richie’s – We are the World.


Philly in the fall is a favorite season for most. Fall marks the beginning of a plethora of colors, ugly sweaters, and holiday’s spent with family. There’s also the wide use of vacation time, holiday bonuses and a welcomed break from all the summer heat that left you sweaty and often smelly. Plus, kids are back in school. Parents, you may rejoice quietly.

Fall also seems to come with a certain fashion element. Boots, scarves, new jackets, down vests and coats, our apparel is more noticeable as we layer to keep warm and attempt to present the best versions of ourselves to the world. Getting cozy, cuddling, everything pumpkin, leaves, blowing winds, and fire pits are more of the things that are distinct about autumn.  Getting festive and creative for Halloween, because it isn’t just for kids anymore is another sign of the great talented community we’re a part of.  Brewerytown is eternally beautiful and with each season that passes, we hope to showcase how and why this developing area is so unique.

Sarah’s Place : B-towns new pub

imageThe best thing to pop up in Brewerytown since the 15 trolley on a snowy night is right on 1216 N. 29th street, Sarah’s Pace. Sarah’s is a new local bar kept simple, neat, and groovin just like the patrons who occupy the stools. The bar gives off a great neighborhood vibe as you can order a city wide special, or pick out some craft brews and watch the Eagles Game on the big screen.

The new business provides the atmosphere you’d want out of a young/hip place in North Philly. Vinyl spins courtesy of Max from Brewerytown Beats located right across the street.


We’ve finally got a place where we can hang until closing at 2 am. You no longer have to travel across the city to look for a good neighborhood bar. There are still some cool spots like North Star Bar, and even Era in Brewerytown. Sarah’s seem a little less pretentious, like it’s not trying to be cool. Located on 29th street, in it’s original building sits a business that hasn’t been opened for many years, with a cleaned up appearance and some good folks running the day-to-day, it just is cool without trying. As a neighborhood bar, you might want to also call it a dive. Somehow it seems more put together than that. Dive doesn’t seem like the most fitting label.


We can only hope it continues to grow. Since it’s’ soft opening on Thursday, October 9th, a collection of regulars have begun making their faces and presence known to the security, bar tender, and manager. Hint, hint, that’s how you usually get the royal treatment – which typically consists of people smiling and remembering your name and what you like to drink. That’s usually enough to make me happy, it’s the equivalent of a red carpet in a neighborhood bar to me.


Sarah’s will also be looking to expand it’s services in the near future. Expect to maybe see some food options available once the business gets booming. Also, since the great tunes are being maestro-ed by the amazing collection of vinyl by Brewerytown beats, you should also expect people to want to get up and dance. Sarah’s offers enough room to work your two step between the bar, the door, and the back wall, but if you’re like me you’re thinking more.


There is a considerable amount of space on the second floor that could be renovated to include an entire dance floor. If done, Sarah’s will be the number one place to grab a drink, socialize and cut a rug in Brewerytown. This bar still has enormous potential and it’s good to just see the ball begin to roll as more people hear about and frequent the fine new establishment.

Come down for Eagles games, Flyers Games, and when the Phils start doing better check them out to at Sarah’s Place to! The staff are inviting to all. Even the occasional Cowboys fan I presume. I’m not sure if that’s company policy


B-town’s Fresh Produce Options

Where do you go to get fresh produce?  When looking for organic produce in Brewerytown, I first think of the local community garden on Master Street—now that’s fresh.  But what if I want my cucumbers and broccoli now, and it’s not in season?  Obviously a shopping trip is in order to find the reddest of red peppers, the most tender carrots, and crisp, leafy greens.


Fresh produce is essential to a healthy lifestyle.  No one intentionally picks subpar vegetables, alas, some grocers offer low quality selections that rot within a day of refrigeration. So, what’s the best way to guarantee your bag of salad doesn’t turn into purple mush in 24 hours? Consider the following local markets that take pride in offering quality produce year-round.


Bottom Dollar Food, located in the heart of Brewerytown, is both cheap and convenient.  Known for its competitive prices, Bottom Dollar manages to not skimp on quality while offering a wholesome selection of fruits and veggies. The store is well-stocked, clean, and often my first stop when in need of essentials in a hurry.


When I’m treating myself, or trying to impress company or that special someone, Whole Foods is my go-to spot. The holy grail of sanctified freshness, every master chef, and seitan soufle Super Saiyan, knows that a trip to Whole Foods delights both the palate and the senses. Upon entering the store, all cravings for Wawa hoagies and Hot Pockets immediately vanish, replaced instead by unquelled desires for sumptuous eggplant, Kombucha tea, and exotic cheeses of every variety (the smellier and more difficult to pronounce the better).


Come summer 2016, there will be more Whole Foods to love. The much talked about Whole Foods expansion is slated to open at 21st and 22nd; Hamilton; Pennsylvania and Spring Garden. Moving from its current location on Pennsylvania Avenue, the new Whole Foods is slightly closer to Brewerytown and will be occupying a 55,000 square foot space featuring a two-story glass facade and 5,000 square foot cafe.


You don’t have to wait until 2016 however to take advantage of Whole Foods’ new rewards program.  Currently in its testing phase, Philadelphia is one of the markets lucky enough to be selected for the trial run.  Whole Foods plans to have the program, which allows customers to earn points to be used towards discounts and “in-store experiences” like a cooking classes, up and running nationally by the end of 2015.


There’s no excuse for not filling your crisper, and your belly, with fine and delicious produce. The variety of fresh offerings in our local vicinity is simply more evidence that Brewerytown is indeed booming. Clickhere for delicious recipes and tips on how to best make use of your fresh finds.

Parade of Chariots

imageIf you didn’t know what was happening, you still could have easily stumbled upon a grand festival held in front of the art Museum and been a apart of something unique and special to Philadelphia. The Parade of Chariots featured beautiful singing, vibrant attire, and free food, There were rows of merchants selling everything from books, to jewelry, to traditional Indian clothing. They gave out information about the festival, the Hare Krishna organization and were some of the friendliest people you might’ve ever met.image
The chariot floats were gargantuan, with wheels just over 5 feet tall, draped in decorative flowers, balloons, and awnings. A very interesting sight to see if you’ve never been apart of the Indian festival. The presentations were elaborate. The atmosphere was full of love, joy and celebration. We could all use more of that in our day to day lives. Philadelphia is known as a tough, underdog, Rocky Balboa town, and this bit of an abstract-all inclusive culture was the perfect amount of harmony, fun, and discovery for a sunny Saturday.image
Directly in front of the Art museum was a college festival, so the entire areas was filled with people happy to be outside, getting involved and interacting with each other. Mingling has nearly become a lost art as some would rather “poke” and “like” instead of be somewhere and participate. The events were free, everyone was welcome and there was something to do at every booth, and every turn.
Our place in Brewerytown is such a desired area because of things like this – it’s close proximity to the parkway where you can have an Indian Festival, a Made In America Tour, a Fourth of July concert and so much more. Take advantage of all the beautiful things outside, you’ll easily find something to do on a nice day. In all honesty, even I stumbled upon the celebration while biking to the UPS store. There was certainly something magnetic about the festival going on.image
Brewerytown has become a great place to live, to party, and to meet people from interesting cultures. All the cool stuff comes here. And if it hasn’t already, it will- because we, as the citizens of Brewerytown are striving to make this the cleanest, coolest, and most desirable place to live in the city.

Greater Brewerytown CDC

imageThe Greater Brewerytown Community Development Corporation is located on the corner of 30th and Master Streets. If you haven’t heard about it, then maybe it’s time you get acquainted with this resource that is at your disposal. There are monthly meetings, which are open to residents, and a need for new participants. The CDC provides an open forum for ideas and the sharing of information amongst community members. Charles Holliday is the point man and mouth piece for the Brewerytown CDC. He’s a go-getter, who’s spent many years living in Brewerytown.

imageThe CDC offers a range of programs, including a technology lab that is excellent for job seekers. There are 25 stations within the computer lab, just don’t waste your time playing Minecraft all day. Members of the CDC are on hand to teach you the basics of email, web research, and how to navigate Windows software and use Microsoft office. It may come as a shock to the incredibly tech savvy generation, but these are essential skills that many job candidates lack. The value of learning to use this technology can make a huge difference in the lives of those who grew up without a computer at home.

There are also youth sports teams, winter basketball and spring baseball. Children often need a reason to get out of the house, away from television, and engage in a social and physical environment. It’s a healthy way to instill the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Athletics builds resiliency and character; you may win some, and you may lose some, but you have to keep on trying.

Additionally, the Brewerytown CDC coordinates a youth chess club, and a youth advisory council for studious and academically inclined children. This is a great way to encourage advanced learning and critical thinking; empowering youth to plan and organize events for their peers, and experience what it’s like for these plans to come together. Cultivating young leadership in a structured environment provides freedom and agency, while nurturing the qualities necessary to succeed at life’s challenges. Your little tyke could learn quickly how to get her way even more effectively-which may be annoying but will surely make you proud when she runs for state representative. The CDC nurtures the possibilities in these children, encourages them and provides a platform for them to grow in these areas.

imagePreviously the CDC offered Zumba and line dancing classes. Should interest increase, and volunteers be willing to coordinate, these offerings can be expanded. Health and fitness is a focus of the CDC, and our community. When you feel good, you look good, and you shine your light onto the world. Everyone is welcome to attend and the fee is nominal. Contact the CDC for the current class schedule, and to learn more about available health and wellness offerings.  Call the CDC at (215) 769-5220 or you can find them on Facebook by searching: Greater Brewerytown CDC

The Greater Brewerytown Community Development Corporation is a hub for excellent communal activities. Comeimage share your voice, give of your time, and add your own flavor to the mix of ideas being considered and events being offered. Everyone is encouraged to participate. It’s our community, come and enjoy the many resources at our disposal. The next monthly community meeting is October 9th, at 6:30 pm. I hope to see you there.

#Brewerytown Community Garden


imageDo you like playing in the dirt? If you’ve got the desire to grow your own vegetables, if you think worms are cool, and if you want to show off your green thumb to your friends over the salad you prepared with the ingredients you’ve grown then you should be a part of the Brewerytown Community Garden.

No, life isn’t about lording your accomplishments over your neighbors, but there is a special feeling that comes from reaping the rewards of your own labor. Not many people get to grow their own food or even know the effort it would take.

imageYour great grandparents could probably grow their own food, sew their own clothes, and cobble their own shoes if necessary. I’m willing to bet your old grand dad could even kill his own lunch. Ah, the good old days. Of course, things have been made easier by the advancement of technology. Buying your steak is preferable to slaughtering animals on your own. I enjoy the simplicity of walking to the deli and placing an order. I speak only for myself as I do have some friends who love nothing more than sitting in a tree for hours with a bow and arrow, waiting for the perfect shot. That’s too brutal for my tastes.

Enough of the meats, there’s not a community meat market at least not yet. (There’s a free idea) The community garden is a place where you can buy a plot, grow your vegetables and reap your harvest when the season is right. There are plenty of plots left that can be purchased for about $60, depending on the time of the season. If you start late, you can probably get a discount. If you start early which is highly suggested, you will probably get a bountiful harvest.


Eddie, the grounds keeper is a great guy. You can reach him by cell or email at 267.266.4003 or Eddie knows exactly what crops you’ll need, and if you’re busy but still want to be a part of the gardening magic, like I do, he will even give yo updates and tend to your garden. Donations are highly recommended as he does this service free of charge. Sounds like a good deal to me. I tip my bartender heavy, even if all he does is pour my beer into a glass.

The Garden is hard to miss as it takes up most of the corner of 27th and Master streets and has a giant mural as it’s backdrop.image

You can plant nearly anything, beets, carrots, lettuce, turnips, cabbage (my personal favorite), garlic; if it comes from the ground you can grow it. This is a great time to have your own organic produce fresh from your community garden for consumption. It will save you money, and fulfill that need for creating something all your own, we all have that need. It also helps the environment and beautifies the neighborhood. Eddie suggests finding a farmers almanac and seeing what crops you can grow immediately. Then, in the spring, you can consult your almanac and start allover again.image
Community gardens create a sense of community ownership, build communal identity, and are one of many unique things that make Brewerytown great. Gardens bring peope together and should you visit, you’ll see plots assigned to people from all backgrounds and cultures.

Come down to 27th and Master, meet your neighbors, and see the bounty that’s in store in your own back yard.

Are you down dog?

imageIf you haven’t yet tried it, maybe it’s time to check out what’s going down, dog. Yoga! And it’s becoming more and more popular. There’s a reason for that, actually there are as many reasons as there are poses. I’ll try to go over a few, some of the more public reasons, and maybe some of the personal.

For one thing, yoga is basically an exercise that is low impact on the joints, focuses on clearing the mind, often has a meditative element to it, and is typically full of beautiful people. We’re all beautiful, and that positive energy is encouraged in the yoga studio more than any other place you may go to break out into a hot sweat.

B-town’s got a yoga scene! It may be subtle, but it can be found and if you’re looking to practice heavily or just learning a few basic poses, you can find your enlightenment in a few places not too far from all the other wonderful small businesses popping up around this special area.

Yoga improves flexibility, brings strength to your core, helps you find balance and promotes a peaceful and calm state of awareness. Some of these benefits will spill over into other areas of your life. Practicing a vigorous physical activity while bringing your mind to a calm state can bring value to your relationships at home, and at work, as you will learn to keep your head about you when everyone else is losing theirs.


imageSo, where do you go to get all this cosmic goodness?
Try Wake Up Yoga on 2329 Parrish street
Alane is one of the nicest people you will meet there and will help you find the best classes to join. Make sure you grab a monthly schedule, and show up a few minutes early.

There are morning and afternoon classes nearly everyday so it should be easy to find the right one to fit your time schedule and the level which you are comfortable. WakeUpYoga offers a lot of classes from prenatal yoga, classes where you can bring your children, the “Mommy and Me” class, and my personal favourite, Kundalini yoga. In my experience, it has been a practice a bit more intense than beginner level yoga, and has powerful poses involving the spine with concentrated breathing. I always come out of the class feeling like I can take on the world.

Perhaps you will to. Or, if you take a more passive approach and need to mellow out, you can find that space in your practice as well. Yoga is the type of practice that can give you both the eye of the tiger, and the peace of mind you will need to survive in our dog eat dog world. Because “You don’t see the world as it is, you see it as you are.” -Krishna Saagar That’s because yoga actually aims to enlighten the individual through the physical practice as well. Don’t forget to breathe deeply, focus on all the things that bring you joy, and feel the abundance of love all around you. You’ll find your center, this will be your new default setting. A happy, beautiful, wondrous place, in you and all around you. Namaste.image



What does that mean exactly? First thing, is to describe what it is not. It is not a trend, it is not a fad. It is not a viral tagline. It is an awakening of motivated, beautiful people living together to make a stronger community today than what existed yesterday. It’s the fruition of our great imagination of what is possible- a neighborhood unified, rich with life, value, compassion and creativity.


Booming means new stores, new homes, and new life. Throwout any notions of an empty slogan. It’s a value placed upon every citizen of Brewerytown to look out for each other when we can. There’s a value placed upon the very streets we walk on, to keep them clean so that children can play in a part of the city that’s not flooded with trash. It’s about the value on the local businesses we support and the lifestyles we create just by virtue of being a tight knit community. Philly might be big and crowded like most East-coast metropolis, but this part of town, is what we claim as our own, and it’s also where we harness the power to transform the way we live in it.


Booming is when we see value in each other, from Millenials, to Baby Boomers. Booming is making good deals, forming good partnerships, creating a new alliance. Booming is raising our children as a village, no, a community. Booming is never going back to any unproductive old ways, old habits, or drift, or neglect. Brewerytown is a reason to have pride when someone asks you, “Is that North Philadelphia?” You bet your suburb, it is!

Look all around you at the many ways Brewerytown is booming. We can also create a great initiative to keep brewerytown booming by focusing on all the things we love about b-town and where we live. This community belongs to us all and we should take great pride in residing here. Many people already know it, but many more are due to find out. hashtag #brewerytownisbooming when you see or are reminded of the many ways our community is growing in a positive direction.

The power to create a community initiative is in our hands, if we should we try and tackle issues as large and perplexing as poverty, growing community gardens, healthy eating, the importance of exercise or the continuing revitalization of our neighborhood, we have the power to do so within us. Brewerytown is booming because we want it to, and we want to see it flourish indefinitely.image





The Rise Of Craft and Micro Brews

imageWhat do you know about craft and micro-brews or what do you think you know?  Chances are that your knowledge is limited.  That’s cool though, no judgment here, but allow me to introduce you to a place and a time where that would not exist.  Boring, bland, innocuous flavors produced by the great three manufacturers are not going to be found in this place, and they are not really the desirable choice to be truthful.  Some people will hold on to the same old relics forever until both they and their precious items disintegrate into the ether from which they came.  Your grandfather might not be able to part with his Old Milwaukee but you and I know that beer has come a long way from its water based, bland appeal to something you can actually enjoy in the first sip.  Behold, the rise in the popularity of craft and microbreweries.  With no offense to Old Milwaukee and your pop-pop.


RyBrew is a place where beer comes in a variety of styles, flavors, and goes through a process to be delivered to your glass as intricate as a fine chef’s preparation of a great meal.  Their sandwiches are also of a great variety and extremely delicious.


Supporting your local brewery is a good move because you’re helping your community with the stuff that ties you all together in the first place.  Seriously, beer is proof that god loves us.  Ben Franklin knows it, and i’m sure he wouldn’t steer you wrong, although I can’t claim to know him personally.  Social problems that could be resolved, are commonly discussed over a beer…or two.  Even as far back as the beginning of the colonization of America, our founding fathers met in bars and other, more strange places.  Clinking pints, discussing the future, the issues of the day and the ideas that would deliver the promise of a Nation of Freedom.


When we identify with specific products that we like to call our own, we also incorporate that product as a part of our identity.  People no longer want to be associated with what is cheap and common.  And if they do, go ahead and help yourself to some more of that Old Milwaukee.  But the future belongs to the bold, and the ones who dare to stand out among the rest.  Our choice in products from the socks that we don and even to the beer we drink, is a reflection of our individuality and strength of character.

Do yourself a favor and find out what good beer actually tastes like if you haven’t already.  The staff at RyBrew are so knowledgeable and could suggest one of their hundreds of selections to fit your individual tastes.  IPAs, Lagers, Wheat beers, and Spices line the racks of the refrigerator galore.  As variety is the spice of life and if “Beer is proof that God loves us”, as told by Benjamin Franklin; it stands to reason that RyBrew is an actual little piece of heaven here on earth.

Are You Forged of Steel?

Strength, power, agility, looking good naked, all of these are the things that most of us desire.  We all want to be the best version of ourselves.  Our culture glorifies athletes for their amazing ability and talents.  We fawn over their physiques, and marvel at their accomplishments.  But if we ever dreamed of making their everyday life even a fragment of our reality, we must first muster the gumption to get off the couch and take action.


You no longer have to dream about finding the right path to physical fitness or athletic ability.  You can work toward your ideals with the right regimen, and the support of encouraging participants and knowledgeable personnel.

SteelWorks Crossfit provides the perfect atmosphere for winning at health and wellness.  During my meeting with Brian Terpak, owner and founder of SteelWorks CrossFit, I was introduced to a bold and comprehensive athletic training philosophy. You’ll have the opportunity to see for yourself when SteelWorks CrossFit moves to Brewerytown in September. Look for them at 2601 Girard Avenue!

Whether you are reconnecting with your fitness goals, just beginning to focus on health and wellness, or an ultra-fit gym pro, SteelWorks CrossFit can help you maximize your potential.CrossFit has the wide appeal providing everyday people the opportunity to get a great workout, and push themselves to the limit in a communal environment.

SteelWorks offers Group fitness Classes, Olympic Weightlifting Instruction,Personal  training, Nutritional Counseling, and Tailored Training programs to accentuate your fitness capabilities.


Brian preaches the gospel of the old school strength and conditioning program, focusing on the exact combination of exercises to maximize your athletic potential.  He can prepare you for that 10k, or help you compete for the title of World’s Strongest Man; if you are willing to put yourself through such hell.


Brian, a former high school teacher, first began teaching CrossFit to kids in his high school cafeteria.  A lifelong athlete, his fascination with physiology and exercise science continues as he constantly learns new methods and techniques to bring the most value to his clients. When Brian starts instructing, you know you are in good hands.  His passion exudes when he expresses himself, and you want to be the student of the passionate teacher.  His certifications are broad and he is constantly learning how to bring the most value to his students.
More than just a gym, Steelworks CrossFit aims to be a supportive center for the community, offering a personal touch that is hard to come by at larger franchise fitness centers.


Brewerytown Living readers can receive a discounted training package  To learn more, call434.770.6675 or email .


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