2940 Thompson

Get Inspired at 2940 Thompson

Any artist fully understands the need for space, and the restrictions that come along with not having enough of it.  For instance, without an art studio, it would be kind of hard to reach your dreams of becoming an influential visual artist.  Where are you going to store your paintings, brushes, and all your ambition?  Your parent’s attic may not suffice, the basement is likely too damp, and you’re running out of space in your bedroom.

Residents, and even visitors of Brewerytown, know a great deal when they see one.  2940 Thompson Street has the amenities necessary to aid you in your journey, facilitating the creative process without worry and limitations.

Fear No Ice makes its home on Thompson Street.  Renowned live ice sculpting performance artist, PeterSlavin, has been turning ice into works of art for more than a decade.  Check out some of his work here, at fearnoice.com.   Slavin has garnered national attention, and operates one of several studios out of Brewerytown.  If you’re interested in throwing an amazing party…with ice, contact Fear No Ice for an incredible live display.

Icy Signs also occupies space on Thompson Street, with a portfolio so large it’s likely you’ve already seen their work.  Erected over large buildings, along the el train stops in West Philadelphia, Icy Signs’ large format artwork is visible for all to see—which is what makes itso hot.  Integral to Brewerytown’s creative hub, Icy Sings is the visual force behind many of the signs you see in Brewerytown, and throughout the city. By giving each design an authentic and unique look and feel, the Icy Signs crew is reviving the lost art form of custom signage that sets great cities apart.

The Districts are a rock band that you may not have heard of yet, but just give it time and they’ll be the next Black Keys.  What?  You don’t know the Black Keys?  Shame on you!  Well, even if their genre is not your forte, believe me when I say that they are a solid group of young musicians with a bright future ahead.  And Rolling Stone agrees, describing their EP as, “impressive” and “imaginative.”Judge for yourself http://thedistricts.bandcamp.com and read more of Rolling Stone’s review here, F.http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/the-districts-are-set-to-go-national-ep-premiere-20140123

As these artists have already figured out, Brewerytown’s Thompson Street is the place to be to chase your creative pursuits.