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I have been living in one of MMPartners apartments for a few months and love it! Feels like home! My family is very happy with the property and company! We look forward staying here for years to come! The location is amazing! The staff is great! Cozy well maintained apartments with plenty of space!

Kristen P.


I had a great experience talking to these guys today! They were very open about the problems they had in the past and how they’ve moved to resolve them. I found out that the owners are Philly locals who have put an emphasis on giving back to the community. Wasn’t sure what that meant until I talked to the rental office and was given information about an outreach program called “Percent of Rent for Charity.” The program takes a percentage of the rent I would pay and gives it to a charity of my choice. Very cool! If you’re looking to rent and care about the community in Brewerytown I’d give them a try.
Alex A.

5.0 star rating, 7/26/2016

I love MM! They are very nice, down to earth landlords who always go above and beyond to make sure I am satisfied. I moved into a new construction project of MM’s and having moved into a new construction home before with a different landlord, I understand that little things will pop up that need addressing, this is inevitable. Unlike my previous landlord, MM did their best to address the problems and fix them in a timely manner. Also the staff at office is extremely approachable and easy to reach. Their continued efforts to improve the community and promote a cultural growth, is a direct reflection of their caring and compassionate nature as a company. I highly recommend them to all.

Alla U.


Called in the morning to view an apartment, they set up an appointment for same day. Loved the space and signed a lease. Easy, friendly and extremely efficient process!
Rebecca P.


I have been a tenant of MM’s for over 3 years and have been very impressed with how responsive and hands on they are. I have lived in different rental apts over the years in Philly and most landlords/mgmt companies could care less about the tenant, these guys actually care.
Sam H.


I’ve been renting from MMPartners for several years now, and the experience has been very good. I was already living in the building when MMPartners bought it from my previous landlord. In the first year, they spent more money on renovations to the building then my previous landlord probably ever spent the entire time he owned the building. The building looks great now, several chronic leaks were miraculously fixed, etc. The owners, or their staff, are very accessible, they’re young, hip and very responsive.
Tim M.


I recently relocated from New York City to Philadelphia, and David Glassner from MMPartners was super helpful. He answered all questions promptly and worked with me to lease a great apartment in time for my move. Overall a very positive experience!
Angela Riechers

September 4